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Doesn't work with iOS 8's third-party keyboards

I wanted to see what my typing speed was like with some of the new iOS 8 third-party keyboards. Unfortunately, this app just shows a big gray rectangle where the keyboard should be.

Great Game!!

I love this game, it's so awesome. I love the way it changes different things to type. The only thing i wish they'd change is to please upgrade it to ipod 5! but everything else is great! Get this game everyone. you won't regret it :)


The app is very fun to play and a great solution when your bored


Do you have to buy this app



Fun Way To Kill Some Time

Having lots of fun with this app, its nice to have when you need something to occupy yourself with for a few minutes. Really great idea! Just one small suggestion: when you enter punctuation, the keyboard should revert back to the letters. That's the only thing that messes me up from time to time, but otherwise the app is awesome. :)

Great app!

This app is super fun. Helps you type faster too. Great job in making this fun game!


Stupid game why whould you rate stupid people


Totally awesome and I like it a lot.


Esta bien


This is so funn I love it


Landscape was a major step in the right direction. Now I may actually use this app now and again. Just 2 more things to fix and it will be acceptable. 1. Make the countdown timer volume adjustable! It's not so important that we have to be deafened by it. 2. When we type in a number or punctuation mark and then hit space, the keyboard needs to default to the letter keys again. Also it needs to auto capitalize at the beginning of sentences. Basically just let the keyboard work the way it would in any other app. The point is to get good at using the keyboard as it would appear in a real situation.

Landscape is here!

Finally, you guys made landscape mode available. Thanks a lot and keep it up! Now I can type about up to 1.5x faster than portrait mode and around 70% my regular desktop typing speed.


I love it, please add a font feature.

Very good

This software is the best. I like it very much!


I love it! The ability to race other ppl is sooo cool and addicting! Just wish the stuff we type wasn't so repetitive.

Super typer

I think super typer is a really fun game and u should try it because it is the type game ever!!!!!!!


I love this app! I would have given it 5 stars if it had a landscape keyboard option. Other then that A+ app

Super Typer

I love this game, and it helped me type faster!!! I loved the Quotes!!!


hi i like this game

It is ok

I lik this app but I just don't lik the cussing in it other than tht it is perfectly fine :)


This is so assisting and now I type a lot faster thanks!!


Its amazing n wonderful

Jus qot it..!

Lolz i can type hella fast on phones wit buttons buh da apple itouch screens are kinda hard. Im qettin better and better wit it.. + diz qame qives a qreat challenqe..


Lo recomiendo

Awesome !!!!!!

Gosh I Just Love This Game ! :-)

No autocorrect?

Am I the only one noticing it's missing? I can forgive no landscape buy autocorrect is essential to fast iPhone typing, at least in English.

Becoming a expert

Cool-Fun-Entertaining and it improves your skills

Soooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

This is sooooooooo awesome! I love this game and im playing this game instead of watching my fav. Show

Super typin review

best typing game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice game ! Luv it :D

This game is awesome!!!

Great practice, a lot of fun, just plain awesome!!!!



Great Game

I Love This Game !


I like this game!!!!!!! It is fun to just relax and get those fingers ready to type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game!!

Very well done and it runs very smooth. It's a great way to practice typing and is even a good educational tool for kids. Great job. I'd definitely pay for this.


Awesome app but it should have Sideways typing. Other then that it's great.

Love it

This apps the best. And it's free! You should deffintly bye this. Im a better typer already and i got the app today!!

Speed tpyer

I love this app!!!!!


It's suuuuuper fun. I love going up against other people.

Cool game

This game is koo it helps you type faster and idk wat els but yea you should get it

What a good idea.

I jus downloaded it and I'm already havn fun with it...what a good idea :)

I love it!!!!!

It is


This really improves how fast you type! I love the ability that it gives you to try again also! This is a termendous app.

Oh ok

Its fun but not to fun and I play it

it's okay

I like it. it helps me learn to rest on my ipod

ooh my

it's beast that's it and that's all!


good for training myfinger typing. And good for killing time. enjoyable. Now, all I want is 'landscape' option..please..


Super fantastic I really like this I wish u all enjoy it. Lodeen from Afghanistan/Kabul

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